Mexico City

Dieser kleine Fotobericht ist eher für Stephan… auch schon wieder ein Jahr her, dass der GEA mit mir hier war.. Also dann: hier ein paar Erinnerungen!m6.jpgm4.jpgm3.jpgm2.jpgm1.jpgmx2.jpgmx3.jpgmx4.jpgmx5.jpgmx6.jpgmx7.jpgmx8.jpgmx9.jpg

3 Gedanken zu „Mexico City

  1. Mexico, what an AMAZING country, but I do not feel comfortable travelling there. The poor people are so poor, so stepped on by the government, so scared of the drug wars, so desperate to feed their families. It just makes me uncomfortable when I am on vacation and spending more in one day than the house I am riding my rental ATV by makes in one year…

  2. On the last day of our stay at MEX, 48 people were murdered… that’s the other side of Mexico City… it was a new record!

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