Nach viel zu langer Zeit war ich mal wieder in Chicago… eine tolle Stadt – die schönste Amerikas!Tolle Architektur, nette Menschen, schöne Geschäfte, gehobene Gastronomie und herrliche Blues-Bars!Viel Spaß!

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  1. „die schönste Amerikas“ – that belongs to San Francisco… :)

    I love Chicago, but only in the spring and fall. In the winter it is EISKALT and in the summer the mosquitos are the size of BATS…

    My wife was born there, and her father lives there, and I lovet to go there…

  2. By the way, does anyone else have the problem where they only see the left 3/4 of the video? I think it is a widescreen video but it is displayed here as a squarescreen?

  3. Yes, Gus, you’re right! If you like to see them in wide screen… go to YouTube – „Dieter-Jo.“ Have fun — my LAX Request for Octobre is still valid!

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